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25 Jul 2005

It's easy to sight your rifle in with as few as 2 shots by using this simple method. The only equipment you need is your target, your rifle with ammo, and a solid rest such as a bullbag or gun vise.

Start by taking a shot at your target, make it a good one with your best form. Next reseat the gun in the bullbag or vise and manuever it until the crosshairs are back on the center of the target and stay there without any assistance from you. Now using the windage and elevation adjustments on your scope and being careful not to disturb the positioning of your gun, run the crosshairs to the bullet hole you just put in the target. Lets say you are shooting at 100 yards and want your bullet to be 1 1/2 inches high at that range, go ahead and run the crosshairs to a point 1 1/2 inches below your first bullet hole.

Now take your second shot aiming once again at the center of the bull. If you kept your gun still while moving the crosshairs you should find your shot impacting right where you want it. You are now ready to take your gun and go hunting, although I would recommend shooting a three shot group just to make sure no other adjustments are needed.

Tim Stahl

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