Buck Bomb field report and review


Buck Bomb is not a new kind of deer lure, it is simply an innovative new way of using scent to attract deer. A can of Buck Bomb contains two ounces of pressurized deer lure. When triggered it expells its contents in a cloud of fine mist. It takes less then a minute for the Buck Bomb to empty itself but the mist of scent created travels with the air currents and clings to any vegetation encountered on its way. The resulting scent trail is easy for deer to pick up as it exists from ground level to many feet in the air. It is also stronger near its source and fades with distance, this naturaly draws deer in the hunters direction as they seek the scent source.

Buck Bomb comes in five different scents, doe in estrous, young buck, dominant buck, doe pee, and vanilla. The maker suggests using the young buck before the rut to attract any buck, the dominant buck for hunting big bucks only, the doe in estrous for bucks during the rut, and the doe pee and vanilla scent to attract any deer during any season.

My first try at using Buck Bomb was a failure. I tried a can of doe in estrous during the rut. I saw several deer on that hunt but all were well upwind of the Buck Bomb scent trail. Because of the wind direction and the area of deer activity I do not think any deer picked up the scent trail during that mornings hunt. The failed hunt was because of my error in picking a stand location, not because of the Buck Bomb.

My second attempt was an outstanding success and resulted in the three deer in the picture. It was mid November rut time and I used a can of Buck Bomb vanilla as I was equally interested in bucks or does. I set the Buck Bomb off in the dark and climbed in my stand. While still dark and within 10 minutes of setting off the bomb I had deer walking under me right to the can which was five yards from the base of my tree. They stayed, milled around, and returned to the can several times for the 15 or 20 minutes it took to get light enough for me to pick out and shoot a nice doe.

A few minutes later after the woods had settled down I heard a deer trotting just out of sight. I bleated at it twice with a Primos can and it turned and came right to my tree. It was a six point and when he got downwind of the Buck Bomb can he turned and walked directly to it. When I shot him his neck was stretched out and his nose was on the empty can!

Both my shots had looked and felt perfect so it was hard for me to stay in the tree anymore as I wanted to find my deer. I decided to wait a half hour just in case my shots were not as good as I thought. I was almost ready to climb down when I spotted a doe and two fawns walking directly at me from the direction the Buck Bomb deer lure mist had drifted. The fawns trotted to the empty can without hesitation and licked and pawed it. The doe was much more hesitant and several times started to spook before relaxing again. When her head was behind a tree I drew my bow and when she stepped past it I shot her through both lungs.

All three of my deer were well hit and it only took me a few minutes to recover them. While nothing can guarantee a repeat of this success I know my hunt would not have been anywhere near as successful without the Buck Bomb deer lure. I give this product a big thumbs up!!

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